Saint Bernard save lives


Vet Records 

Females $500

700 Cales Road

Olive hill, Ky.41164

Breeding Quality St. Bernards for more than 35 years.


Males $550 

We have been raising and selling St. Bernards for over thirty-five years! Our granchildren always  love to come out and play with both the adults and the puppies. Our goal is to beed for kind/ gentle personalilty, good body sctructure, drier mouth, good bone structure, and  a large dog.

We love to hear back from clients to hear how they are enjoying the new addition to the family. We would like to share some of stories with you:

         Christinia Ramey got her

St. Bernard, Willard from us, he is now certified as a Therapy Dog, he v isits both Hospitals and Nursing Homes sharing his love to all!

          Beth Counts and Holly Harkins wrote a childrens book 'Apollo and the grandchildren" it is about one of the puppies she got from us.

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